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We are focused on interim senior finance hires into high growth, high potential businesses. Our clients are pushing the boundaries, creating value, innovating. Moving at the speed they do, they need an extra injection of firepower from time to time and we are here to provide the solution.


A message from Sarah Hunt Founder and CEO EquityFD

We all find ourselves now in a crisis none of us have ever experienced before. My first thoughts are of course with the health of my colleagues and you our network of clients, candidates and friends.

Like many of you, we are now working remotely. I would like to reassure all of you that over a number of years now we have adopted a policy of secure, flexible working so, other than missing seeing you face to face, we can very much continue to guarantee the same level of service, professionalism and care you have come to expect from us.

This goes for you if you do need to recruit in these troubled times: flexibility, agility and a bespoke, solution focused approach have always underpinned our service and will continue to do so.

This also goes too if you are thinking about your next big move, assignment or career stage. However far in the future this may seem now, it’s always good to talk so do just pick up the phone for a conversation whenever you wish.

Our contact details are on our website at including direct mobile numbers and emails for all of us.

If of course you wish to contact me personally then please do feel free.

We do look forward to seeing you again soon and in the meantime on behalf of all of us here we hope that you, your family and friends stay healthy and we wish you all the best.

Sarah Hunt

Founder & CEO


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It’s the pipeline, stupid

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History & Sister Brands

EquityInterim is a sister brand of EquityFD. Established in 2000, EquityFD focuses on CFO and FD recruitment and together with EquityFC (Financial Controller Recruitment) and EquityChair (Chair and NED recruitment) the businesses work together across a common, high growth client base. They are united in their focus on building real networks of value creating professionals.

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