ICAEW Interim Management Group Webinar 30th March 2017

Ray is taking part in this event, giving his views on the current interim market and the 2017 outlook.
To register and for more information please click here.


EquityInterim - Innovative Interim solutions for Entrepreneurial Businesses

The Brexit Agenda – The Contemporary FD Summit 2017

As part of our ongoing FD events programme, we recently held our annual FD Summit with Smith and Williamson.

The main topic of the event was the Finance Director’s role as a navigator of risk.

Brexit was of course on the agenda and for one session we debated five key questions on the subject and what the priorities, challenges and opportunities are for high growth, high potential companies.

Click here for a summary of the deliberations which we hope you find interesting and thought provoking.

About us

EquityInterim works with entrepreneurial businesses, to provide high quality flexible accountants into a variety of finance roles from Finance Director down.

It is a sister brand to EquityFD, EquityFC and EquityChair and shares their focus and passion for people and business.

This manifests itself in a real desire to partner both the more commercially focused accountant and our largely growth company client base.  Strong relationships are at the core of our philosophy and most of our work is referred to us by someone from our network.

We have a long history as a group (EquityFD was set up in 2000) and over that time have developed an in-depth understanding of the specific needs and requirements of a growth SME.  Businesses we work with are often owner managed, or PE/VC backed. They may be looking to list or exit, take on debt or make acquisitions.  What unifies them all is a real desire to create and in most cases, realise value.

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BVCA Annual Gala Dinner

We are always pleased to work with the BVCA and sponsored the Annual Gala Dinner again in December 2016.

Here is a short video from the event.

We are also very pleased to be working with them at the High Growth Conference on 20th June 2017, hosting a Round Table session.

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  • "I have known EquityFD for some time and thus when I needed to hire an interim FC for a leading edge tech platform business I am working with, I turned to EquityInterim. Ray delivered a candidate who was such a good fit that we have made her a permanent member of staff! "

    Alex Gayer, Interim CFO, Network Locum
  • "Neil is very highly thought of by the team here and I would like to thank you, Ray, for introducing him to us.   "

    John Lawton, CEO, iprism
  • "In 32 years of running a business, I have never met a recruiter as brilliant as Ray at EquityInterim.He is charming, erudite, eloquent, transparent, enthusiastic, effective, hard working and simply brilliant at his job. That is some statement and it is neither rhetoric or flattery. Ray has exceeded every expectation. "

    Giles Fisher, Business Development Director, Pure DNA
  • "I contacted Ray at EquityInterim as I needed to hire an interim FC for the fast growth  Media business where I am CEO . Ray was very engaged with the process and identified a great range of candidates enabling me to bring the new FC on board within a few weeks . I would very much recommend both Ray and EquityInterim "

    BM Ltd, Media Owner, London
  • "It has been a pleasure working with Equity FD who provided a professional and consultative approach to our recruitment needs.  They listened well to our requirements and were able to identify and understand the company’s position, quickly providing a list of suitable candidates from which we were able to cherry pick the one that best suited the business.  We are delighted..."

    Heather Coulson, HR Manager, IDscan Biometrics LTD
  • "Sarah , Joanna ,Paul and Ray worked together to source us a great CFO , his number two , and an interim solution to cover the new Financial Controller’s notice period.  They clearly understood our requirements as a PE owned business and matched the culture and dynamic of our management team perfectly with the candidates they presented for each of the roles. I would recommend..."

    Jo Tomlin -Sims HR Director Jeyes Group
  • "I had an urgent requirement for an interim to come in to a key position in one of our portfolio businesses, so whilst speed was important , equally so was skill set and fit given the level and scope of the role  . Sarah and Ray reacted quickly to my request and within 2 weeks the candidate had started in post. Thank you to Ray! "

    Maria Wagner, Investment Director, BERINGEA
  • "I was referred to EquityFC and EquityInterim by my investors as I needed to hire a key senior financial resource quickly . Ray and Paul were extremely swift to react, and I was able to onboard a hire within a couple of weeks.The candidate is proving to be a great team member. "

    Carmen Carey CEO, Big Data Partnership
  • "We were introduced to EquityFD and EquityInterim via a contact and asked them to source a specific interim role for us . Whilst the role is interim , its effects will be permanent in the organisation so much care and attention was required around this hire . Ray , Sarah and Rachael combined to deliver a great resource for us and worked in true partnership with me and the..."

    Carole Bain, Group Capability Development Director
  • "EquityInterim were patient, helpful, insightful and identified a number of strong candidates to place at The Stable MTUK Ltd. We are now working with an Interim Financial Director from this process who is proving invaluable in helping our  business to flourish. "

    Neil Marcus, Managing Director, The Stable MTUK Ltd
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