We support African Gifted Foundation, a UK-based charity founded by one of our clients, Tom Ilube CBE. It focuses on STEM education for girls in Africa. In 2016, AGF founded the African Science Academy - Africa's leading STEM-focused academy for girls . AGF believes science and technology will drive Africa’s re-invention and they are searching for the next STEM giants who they believe  are brilliant young female scientists and engineers hidden away amongst the billion people on the African continent. AGF  wants to harness the immense potential of young women in Africa to take charge of the development of their countries and become the STEM leaders of tomorrow.Their mission: To showcase that Africa is rich when it comes to the pipeline of STEM talent. To change the gender balance in STEM for generations to come. To create Africa's future STEM leaders .To foster an environment that encourages innovative solutions to Africa's problems .

For more information .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or go to https://www.africangifted.org