About Us

At EquityInterim we appreciate that no two roles are the same and neither are the businesses we work with.

We are sector agnostic (but have worked in every conceivable space from tech start-up to heavy manufacturing).

Please see our Testimonials section for more information.

We seek to partner a type of business – one which is looking to value creation and in many cases ultimately to realising this value through some form of transaction. We thus ensure that as a matter of course all of our candidates are correctly motivated to work in these environments but we do understand that sector experience, in particular with an interim hire, can be key.

As we ensure that we do manage our candidate network effectively, we are easily able to layer those sector requirements on top of more generic person and technical skills requirements.

Examples of the types of client we work with include:

  • Private equity or venture capital backed businesses;
  • Owner managed businesses;
  • Bank owned businesses (often following a debt/equity swap);
  • AIM listed businesses;
  • Start- ups/ pre- revenue businesses;
  • Newly de-merged businesses;
  • Businesses looking to list/de-list;
  • Platform investments with a buy & build strategy.

This is by no means exhaustive.

What we believe we are able to do better than many is tailor make, at speed, a relevant, high quality shortlist to give you a real choice of the right type of candidates from our constantly growing network.

Usually there will be a skills gap in the finance team that you need to fill quickly. This could be a specific piece of due diligence on an acquisition, a maternity cover, an interim FD, FC or other more senior finance role. These could be on a full time or part time basis. Some example assignments are listed below but the list is by no means exhaustive.

Interim is not always the right answer for our clients. Often we are called as a client wishes to hire straight away but for a much longer period of time (often actually on an interim-to-permanent basis).

As EquityInterim is part of the larger group including EquityFD and EquityFC we can ensure that the right mix of team works on the role. We are focused on ensuring a fit with your business structure, not trying to fit your role into our structure, as can sometimes be the case in larger, less integrated recruiters.

What we don’t do

  • We don’t payroll candidates. Our clients and our candidates tend to want a direct commitment.
  • We don’t pigeon-hole candidates into sector boxes – we believe finance is a transferable skill.
  • We don’t just work in one location – we work across the UK and sometimes overseas.
  • We don’t shy away from challenging situations – we thrive on them!
  • We don’t work with candidates we don’t know. If you are relevant and interested in what we do – we want to meet you!
  • We don’t often recruit for the same company on more than a handful of occasions – the companies we work with tend to be individual, with individual requirements for fewer, higher profile hires.
  • We don’t give up! When we take on a role – we are determined to deliver.