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Resilience - The Prize, The Price and Organisational Pilates

Friend of the Firm, Patrick Dunne, has written a superb article on the usefulness of resilience within business.

3rd May 23

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The British Monarchy - An Unlikely Business Model

The coronation of King Charles III might not appear, at first sight, to be an occasion of organisational interest to the wider corporate events planning industry

26th Apr 23

Springisintheair Thumbnail
Spring is in the air (apart from the banks that is...)

Spring has sprung and is finally with us. The spirit of the season is (largely) already evident. In so very many ways, matters seem much brighter than they did six months ago.

28th Mar 23

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The Bank’s Economic Forecast: Astrology with Equations

It has been a mixed start to the year for those poor CFOs who torment themselves by reading official economic forecasts.

13th Feb 23

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Welcome 2023, The Year of the Mystery Train

For so many British citizens and companies, the year 2022 was akin to an unrequested roller-coaster ride.

12th Jan 23

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2023 - Time to Take a Gap Year?

The gap year was once the preserve of teenagers. It bought time between the completion of A-levels and embarking on a degree course...

21st Nov 22