Women Finance Leaders

Tracy balachandran portrait
Tracy Balachandran

Agility, Variety and Challenge - the keys to personal success.

12th Oct 21

Stella Donoghue
Stel­la Donoghue

Stella is a rarity in the EquityFD executive profile series: she didn’t go straight to university after school. Instead, at 18, she was running a restaurant. “I ditched the idea of university and ran my own place instead,” she says...

2nd Aug 21

Shuli Levy low
Shuli Lev

Shuli Levy spent more than a decade in the Big Four hon­ing her skills and learn­ing what busi­ness­es val­ue. But she realised she need­ed to jump the career tracks to stay inter­est­ed

22nd Jul 21

Sarika Haggipavlou low
“In a room full of men posturing, being a woman helps you sidestep all that nonsense"

As you track Sarika Haggipavlou’s career on her LinkedIn profile, you notice it contains lots of little surprises. For a start, she’s one of those finance leaders who’ve worked in a number of different sectors. (We’ll come onto what actually ties together her roles later…)

14th Jun 21

“I hope I can give people the challenges and reassurance that allow them to be their best”

26th Apr 21

“I wanted to test my knowledge against the reality of operations”

20th Jan 21