Women Finance Leaders

Edwina Thumbnail
Edwina Surtees

Edwina Surtees has been something of a high-flyer, but it took overcoming some challenges before the rocket reached orbit!

8th Apr 24

Kat Ferguson Thumbnail
Kat Ferguson

In the past year or so, Kat Ferguson has been leading a life that most CFOs can only dream of.

9th Feb 24

Manuela craciun thumbnail
Manuela Craciun

Manuela Craciun was born and brought up in Romania in the Communist era. This would not change until she was eighteen. Life was quite controlled at every level and a huge amount of time was spent in queues at shops for items that ultimately did not exist.

4th Dec 23

Gina hubbard thumbnail
Gina Hubbard

There are not many people who end up as a CFO or FD because they haven’t quite got the height for a career as a professional contemporary dancer!

19th Oct 23

Ellie poltorak hero
Ellie Poltorak

Ellie Poltorak has achieved her CFO title really quite early in her career and that is the result of ability, agility and ambition and definitely not by accident.

9th Oct 23

Sarah Strachan Thumbnail
Sarah Strachan

Some people seem simply destined to become finance directors! By circumstances of birth and upbringing, Sarah Strachan is one of these rare band of individuals.

23rd Aug 23