Women Finance Leaders

Stella Donoghue
Shelley Fraser

A CFO who has developed herself as a truly broad business partner with a strong belief in mentorship as key to her career progression.

7th Dec 21

Tracy balachandran portrait
Tracy Balachandran

Agility, Variety and Challenge - the keys to personal success.

12th Oct 21

Stella Donoghue
Stel­la Donoghue

Stella is a rarity in the EquityFD executive profile series: she didn’t go straight to university after school. Instead, at 18, she was running a restaurant. “I ditched the idea of university and ran my own place instead,” she says...

2nd Aug 21

Shuli Levy low
Shuli Lev

Shuli Levy spent more than a decade in the Big Four hon­ing her skills and learn­ing what busi­ness­es val­ue. But she realised she need­ed to jump the career tracks to stay inter­est­ed

22nd Jul 21

Sarika Haggipavlou low
“In a room full of men posturing, being a woman helps you sidestep all that nonsense"

As you track Sarika Haggipavlou’s career on her LinkedIn profile, you notice it contains lots of little surprises. For a start, she’s one of those finance leaders who’ve worked in a number of different sectors. (We’ll come onto what actually ties together her roles later…)

14th Jun 21

“I hope I can give people the challenges and reassurance that allow them to be their best”

26th Apr 21