Services and Sectors

Whilst we are genuinely sector agnostic and believe that the best way to deliver is by listening, questioning and running one complete and thorough process, we highlight here our bespoke job spec diagnostic tool, the Equity IQ, our real interest and experience in the tech space and our Impact Recruitment work.

The Equity IQ

Built on our extensive experience of recruiting senior finance roles, Equity IQ is a useful diagnostic tool that we've developed that reaps rewards in terms of successful recruitment outcomes. If there is already a job specification this enables it to be refined and if there isn’t it enables a comprehensive one to be drawn up. Click to learn more.

Equity Tech

Whilst we are all about the people and genuinely sector agnostic, we have always worked at the cutting edge of new tech and with the right calibre of candidate - those with a potent mix of both the experience and the attitude to really impact the value creation journeys of our clients. Click to learn more.

Impact Recruitment

In common with the entrepreneurial businesses we work with, we also enjoy working with leading not-for-profit organisations that have a real impact and require Finance Directors and Financial Controllers who seek high profile roles, and are able to operate as business partners to the other members of the senior team. Click to learn more.