Becoming a Forever Founder at Wealthiher Network

11th Oct 23

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Sarah Hunt

I am so pleased and proud to have become a Forever Founder at Wealthiher Network WealthiHer Network

The Wealthiher Network informs and inspires women to advance and transform their financial futures. A relentless dedication to the economic advancement of women is at its core and it is what really attracted me to becoming a Forever Founder and putting my money where my mouth is!

Well into the 21st century the gender dimension within sectors such as finance, professional services and law (all areas close to my heart) are still being overlooked. Changing that status quo is the primary purpose of Wealthiher and together with their partners they and I are committed to empowering women to make moves in finance and business, to understand the legalities of decisions and to forge ahead with confidence!

I was looking to really invest time and money in something that resonated with the women we meet whether they be founders, investors or finance professionals on the way up in their careers.

The Wealthiher Approach is based on four key principles:


The strength of Wealthiher lies in its interconnectedness. I'm proud to be part of an organisation that facilitates events, forums and discussions that offer the community valuable connections and tangible opportunities such as pitch days for women founders or introductions to wealth advisors.


Informed by the experience of financial experts, inspirational business leaders and entrepreneurs, Wealthiher has built a hub of tools, guides and CPD accredited learning resources that help women work towards financial freedom and prosperity.


Wealthiher pushes for transformation in the roles of policy creation, legislation and societal mindsets in order to drive the evolution of the financial and professional services industries and position it for a better and more inclusive future.


Wealthiher’s partners are some of the world's most trusted and recognised names in the finance and professional services industry -Trail Blazers equipping the network with the tools access and ability to help women breakdown wealth barriers.

All of these make it a natural home for me as I was looking to really invest time and money in something that resonated with the women we meet whether they be founders, investors or finance professionals on the way up in their careers.

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One of Wealthiher’s Partners JPMorgan Private Bank commissions a fabulous and inspiring annual report ( now in its third year) using Beauhurst data.This report is its annual research into the top 200 Woman Powered businesses can be found here Top200_Women-Powered_Businesses_2023.pdf ( .

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These are defined as high-growth companies that are founded or led by women, have a management team of at least 50% women, or are majority owned by women. High-growth businesses are those that have met one of Beauhurst’s tracking triggers, such as securing equity investment or spinning out of an academic institution, which often indicate a company’s growth potential.

Whilst great strides are being made in terms of both the number of women reaching the top in the finance profession and also women successfully raising money to start up and grow businesses there is still a long way to go and this report and its predecessors is a fabulous source of thought provoking content which I encourage everyone to read!

To say that we have worked with a number of these Women Powered Businesses- last year’s #1 – Trinny London - to name one of them -is fantastic but I look forward to the day when the split across all our clients and network is closer to 50/50 !

Something to aim for!

If you would like more information on Wealthiher please do get in touch with me [email protected] I would be happy to introduce you !