Impact Investment

13th Sep 21

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We are very active in this space, with EquityChair’s exclusive relationship to source Non Executive Chairs and Non Executive Directors to Big Society Capital, an independent financial institution with a social mission, set up to help grow social investment in the UK.

Our friends at Beauhurst have kindly shared this report on the most active impact funds in the market plus the full list of 44 active impact funds.

  • Impact investing is a strategy through which investors, such as venture capital funds, private equity firms, and business angels or syndicates, aim to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact, alongside a financial return.
  • Globally, impact investment activity has grown steadily over the past decade, with particular progress being made in impact measurement and management.
  • “the pandemic has strengthened the now overwhelming case that purpose-driven companies not only do good, but they are also more likely to be successful and sustainable.”
  • Here in the UK, high-growth companies that secure equity investment are considerably less likely to cease trading or become inactive if they’re backed by an impact investor—11% of companies that secured an impact round between 2011 and 2020 are now classed as ‘Dead’, versus 17% of those that received conventional investments.

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